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We are glad you have chosen Dana’s Dance Academy for your dance education. We have been teaching the art of dance in Irving since 1985. We offer classes (beginner through advanced) in ballet, pointe, modern, tap, jazz, hip hop, lyrical, conditioning, and creative movement for 2 year olds. We currently have two dancers on Broadway and one in Las Vegas and several in California. We have dancers that are Kilgore Rangerettes, Dallas Cowboy’s Cheerleaders and Maverick Dancers. Many of our former students are on full dance scholarships at universities, are teaching dance in the metroplex and return to teach for us when they are in town. Classes subject to change due to COVID.

Please come by DDA to pick up additional information and to enroll. Registration for each session is $30.00 per student. If you register for both summer and fall, registration is $40.00. Office hours are Monday–Thursday 5:30pm–8pm and Saturday 9am–12:00pm.

Dance classes run from the end of August through June. Tuition is based on a set number of classes for the dance academy calendar year that account for holidays and missed classes. Tuition is non–refundable and payable in advance, due on the 1st of each month. August is prorated and paid with September’s payment and May and June tuition is due May 15th. Due to the growing number of delinquent accounts, there is a $15.00 late fee after the 10th of each month. Unfortunately, the late fee must be enforced due to the late fees DDA incurs due to outstanding balances.

One 30 minute class per week....................................$55.00 per month
One 45 minute class per week....................................$60.00 per month
One 60 minute class per week....................................$52.00 per month
One 75-90 minute class per week...............................$70.00 per month
Each additional class per week under 90 minutes......$32.00 per month
Each additional 90 minute class per week..................$34.00 per month
Single classes are.......................................................$28.00 per class
2nd student in family (1st class)..................................$35.00 per month
3rd student in family (1st class)...................................$30.00 per month
4th student in family (1st class)...................................$28.00 per month
Additional classes are billed at the class rates listed above. Semester and yearly tuition discounts available if paid in full.

Unlimited classes are $225.00 per month.

If a class does not meet its minimum enrollment, the students may be reassigned to another class. In an effort to better assess your needs and to keep our classes consistent, please give us a two week notice, in writing, if you decide not to return to the academy.
In the event of an absence, please call the office to let us know that you will be missing that day. Make up classes are available.

Dates and General Info to Remember


DDA communicates via email for important information and upcoming events. Please provide a valid email.


DDA follows the IISD winter and spring holiday closure dates as well as Memorial and Labor Day. Otherwise, we will be open.


The Annual Performance is in June. All balances and miscellaneous charges must be paid in full by May 15 to receive your costume(s) and perform in the show. This includes June tuition.


Costumes are to be paid in full in October. You may make installments beginning in August. DDA will not be financially accountable for individual alteration costs.


A performance fee to cover theatre costs is due March 1. It is non-refundable.

The Following Classes Will Include Technique, Terminology, History, Combinations, and/or Variations in the Class

BALLET: is the basis for all dance. It should be studied with the other forms of dance. All classical styles are introduced.

HIP–HOP: more freestyle than jazz, however, based in jazz curriculum and terminology.

JAZZ: develops versatility in the various styles including lyrical, classical, musical theater and hip–hop.

TAP: develops coordination and rhythmic abilities. Various tap styles are introduced.

GYMNASTICS: concentration on floor exercise and conditioning.

ACRO/DANCE/GYM: focus on connecting gym tricks in dance combinations.

LEAPS/TURNS: concentration on specific strengths for conditioning the body is instilled in all classes.

CREATIVE MOVEMENT: develops coordination, rhythm and motor skills using movement and music to stimulate imagination. The focus is on dance room structure appropriate for any 2yr old.

MODERN: a technique based dance form created by borrowing from ballet and other classical styles while pushing the boundaries of the movements and incorporating improvisation.

TAP/BALLET (T/B), TAP/ BALLET/JAZZ (T/B/J): are a combination of the various styles of dance.

Dance Sessions

Fall/Spring session runs August through June. Summer Dance Classes run during July. Class space will be reserved when the registration fee is received. Students are responsible for full month’s tuition in advance. Regular attendance is essential for proper dance development. There are no refunds for missed lessons or holidays. You may make up a missed class, within the current monthly pay period by attending another class suitable for you. A Make Up Form from the front office is required. Please call the academy if you miss and wish to make up a class. If you have a change in address or phone number, or decide to drop please notify the office or you will be financially responsible for monthly tuition and accrued late fees.


All students should be appropriately dressed and ready to begin class on time. Clothing can be purchased at Toys R Us, Target, Wal–Mart, Capezio in Dallas, Sulfolk in Lewisville, June’s Dancewear in Arlington & Payless Shoes. You can also order through and use our studio code: TP5535 to receive a 5–10% discount.
     DANCERS: Girls – leotards and tights *Boys – plain T–shirt tucked into dance pants or dance shorts
     GYMNASTS/ACRO: Girls – leotards and open foot tights *Boys – fitted tank top/shirt and stretch shorts

All Ballet Students 8 Years Old & Above

You may wear a solid color leotard, any style & light pink, matte finishtights. Skirts may be worn. Dance sweaters may be worn during warm-up and/or barre. NO recital costumes are allowed and girls may not wear T–shirts in class. All students must wear cover up garments to and from the Academy.


should be tied securely away from face (ballet students should have hair in a bun). No big jewelry, no chewing gum or food or drinks are allowed in the classroom.


Ballet and Creative Movement:
Girls – pink leather ballet slippers with elastic. Please no cloth house slippers
Boys – black ballet slippers with elastic

Jazz: Girls – shoes or boots and color are at the discretion of each teacher
Boys – black jazz oxford

Tap: Girls – Black Mary–Jane style tap shoes
Boys: Black lace–up tap shoes
Bloch Mary–Jane’s recommended for all Int. Adv. girl dancers

Gymnastics: barefoot

Hip–Hop: sneakers


In order to eliminate as many distractions as possible, special observation times are held during the year. The dates will be posted at DDA the week prior to observations. Please wait to observe the students until these special times.

Inclement Weather

Please call the Academy to see if classes will be held or check on our Facebook page.


All major public school holidays are observed. This includes Memorial and Labor Day.

Annual Performance

The annual Academy performance is presented in June. Dress rehearsals are the week prior to the performance and they are MANDATORY for ALL participants. Absence will constitute possible dismissal from the dance. COSTUME PAYMENTS ARE TO BE PAID IN FULL BY OCTOBER 25th. You may pick up a costume sheet in the office, which must be filled out and turned in with your payment so correct costumes can be ordered. Children’s costumes size 2–8 are $65.00. Sizes 10–adult large are $70.00 and adult extra–large costumes are $75.00. Combination classes will have one costume and one dance. There is a non–refundable performance fee of $75.00 per person (each dancer in the family is discounted by $5.00) due March 1, which is necessary to reserve theatre space.

**There is a $35.00 charge for all returned checks.**
After two NSF checks you must pay with cash or money order.

Thank you for being a part of Dana’s Dance Academy and for giving us the opportunity to teach the art of dance to our students. As dance educators, it is very important to us that each student is provided with the best in dance education. Although all students will not pursue professional dance careers, proper training is of lasting value.

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